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An Ideal World . . .

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Inspired by a blog by Jay Baker, I have been thinking this evening about my ideal world and what it would be like:

In an ideal world Tony Blair (or whoever was Prime Minister) would realise that their role as an elected representative was just that, an administrator to action the wishes of the majority of the population. He/she would not lead the country into wars which upto 100,000 people in London were prepared to take to the streets to demonstrate against.

In an ideal world the billions of pounds which are curretly being spent on the illegal war in Iraq and the planned Trident upgrade would instead be spent on fighting poverty, feeding and clothing the poor, providing affordable stustainable housing and improving (not privatising) public services.

In an ideal world the NHS would be properly funded, those who needed operations or other vital heath care would not be left on waiting lists. Drugs provision would not depend on a postcode lottery and large corporations would cease to exploit the ill and dying with extortionate costs for branded medicines.

In an ideal world no consideration would be given to a proposterous suggestion of being able to detain people who have commited no crime under the Mental Health Bill.

In an ideal world neurodiversity would be respected and tolerated as any other human difference.

In an ideal world everyone would be equal and treated a such regardless of age, gender, sexuality, religion, ethnicity, culture, physical or mental ability or any other difference.

In an ideal world the above differences would not just be tolerated but respected and embraced, with people learning from each others differences.

In an ideal world there would be no wars or other acts of violence under the pretence of misinterpreted or intentionaly twisted religious teachings. Instead people would act on the fundamental teachings of all religions of love and respect.

In an ideal world we would not kill or otherwise mistreat animals, whether for food, testing or any other purpose.

In an ideal world we would not bring up our children on a diet of Happy Meals and Sunny Delight.

In an ideal world we would respect the planet which we live on an care for it and maintain it for future generations instead of emitting masses of carbon and gradually working towards a world uninhabitable for human life.

In an ideal world none of the above would seem a radical idea, but simply common sense.

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