• Heather Paterson

Bye Bye Blair

Well Tony Blair has (finally) announced his resignation today.

Listening to Radio4 this morning to the preamble to Tony's speech a comment was made about his leaving of his own choice rather than being forced out. Mr Blair has now issued statement about him deciding it was the right time and remeniscing about all the good things he has supposedly done while in power.

Now I remember not so long ago being one of 50,000+ people to take to the streets of Manchester for the "Time To Go" demo demanding Blair's resignation. In all the reports I have heard today this seems to have been conveniently forgotten. Maybe they (the government/media) don't want to give any impression that direct action can achieve anything.

So while Blair parades around the globe trying to create some good PR for his "legacy" I will remember him for being the PM who showed that direct action can and does work.

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