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Is Blair on Drugs ?

Is Blair on drugs ? This is the only explanation I can think of for the UK governments grossly inconsistent drugs policies.

Today reading about the new legislation regarding alcohol labeling and anticipating the imminent enforcement of the UK smoking ban I got to thinking about the actions the government has taken on alcohol and drugs.

During the past 10 years of Blair time in office we have seen the introduction of 24 hour alcohol licensing and downgrading of the classification of cannabis but a ban on smoking.

UK drugs laws and classifications are inherently inconsistent.

The above chart shows the harm rating of various drugs and how they are classified. 4-MTA, LSD and Ecstasy being Class A drugs, but less harmful than Alcohol, Tobacco and Solvents which are all legal.

Personally I would go for the decriminalisation of ALL drugs. As long as you are not harming anyone else I believe in personal choice and freedom in all areas of life.

Now his may seem like a radical solution but has many benefits


Firstly this country has too many laws (3023 new criminal offenses introduced during Blair's time in office). Lets concentrate on don't harm others and pretty much stick to that.

If drugs were legalised - the illegal sale of drugs would no longer fund child prostitution, people trafficking or any other general horribleness.

Many drug casualties are caused by varying strengths of drugs and people not realising how much they are taking. If this was licensed and you could go into the local off license and buy your drugs for the weekend they would all have the same active content (and also not be mixed with washing powder, broken glass or anything else).

Drug users have a cost to the NHS, if the sale of drugs was legal, it could also fund the health care for drug users. In much the same way as smokers. (For those people who like to moan about how much smokers cost the NHS, last year they cost the NHS approx £1.5billion, but generated just over £10billion in tax revenues).

Also many drug users who need / want some form of treatment often do not access it do to risk of legal implications.

Contrary to people who seem to think that the legalisation of drugs would instantly mean the entire population would take up heroin for fun, taking away the "forbidden fruit" aspect should resolve the problem of people using drugs as an act of teenage rebellion.

I also would much rather see the streets on a Saturday evening filled with giggling stoned people, than violent drunk ones . . .

Given all of the above I have to say that I am not Pro drugs, neither am I anti drugs, I am just pro choice.

My drug of choice is a pint of real ale and a cigarette.

I can sense this may be a bit of a controversial one . . . I shall await the comments with interest.

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