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Human Rights Opt Out Clause

John Reid faced growing anger as he signaled the Government was ready to declare that Britain faced an "emergency" over terrorism and opt out of human rights legislation.

As the recriminations flew over the disappearance of three radical Islamists who had been on control orders, he made clear his determination to bring in tougher curbs on terror suspects. The Home Secretary said that could mean "derogating" from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) so he could impose tougher control orders on suspects.

The convention, which entered British law via the Human Rights Act, allows countries to suspend parts of the ECHR in "time of emergency".

Is it just me that finds the idea of having a Human Rights "Opt Out" clause highly disturbing ?

Whatever the circumstances EVERYONE should be entitled to fair and decent human rights.

Even as a "Terror Suspect", that person is exactly that, a SUSPECT. They have yet to be proven of any crime, and may be found to be innocent. Even if found guilty they have a right to decent treatment as a human, and the right to a fair trial.

Also once the government has decided to "opt out" of the ECHR - the opportunity for this to be further extended and abused is unthinkable.

The UK is rapidly retreating into a fascist police state by the day.

But hey people don't worry, the new series of Big Brother has started so you don't need to worry about such things. For the next couple of months all the front pages will be concerned with a group of fame obsessed wannabe celebrities sat in a house, while any serious human rights violations will be relegated to page seven onward, if indeed mentioned.

Go back to sleep England. Your government is in control. Go back to sleep England. Watch Big Brother. Your government is in control. Watch Big Brother, while Big Brother watches you.

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