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Miss Gay UK Peoples Choice Results

The Miss Gay UK People's Choice vote is now over. I came in at 6th place. Thanks to all who voted. Here are the full results:- 1st: Deonne Bosomtwe 2nd: Sharon Calcutt 3rd: Amie Pearson 4th: Laura Johnson 5th: Rachel Taylor 6th: Heather Paterson 7th: Natasha Croft 8th: Gemma Wilks 8th: Bella Taylor 10th: Emma Daniell 11th: Elizabeth Flowers 11th: Nicola Taylor 11th: Eloise Harby 11th: Tanya Birt

Thanks again to everyone who voted, well done to everyone who took part and congratulations to winner Deonne.

For anyone who wants to attend the final it will be taking place at the Nightingale Club in Birmingham on 14th November.

Now I'm going to spend the next few hours keeping my eye on a more important vote - the US presidential election, I'm keeping everything crossed for Obama.

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