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It's not each other we need to fight

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

You might have thought it was the bankers that screwed us all over, or the multi-millionaire tax dodgers or maybe even the billions we're spending on warfare but if the papers recently are anything to go by you'd be wrong, it is more than likely YOU.

Today Iain Duncan Smith was putting forward his arguments for capping benefits for you dodgy work shy scroungers killing the economy with your 70 quid a week, or maybe you're one of those greedy pensioners after luxuries like heating, perhaps you're even one of those pesky student types who has the audacity to think we should be throwing money away on your education. What's that you say, you work, well I hope you don't have the cheek to be on a low income and need tax credits, because if you do then it's your fault aswell.

That's right, if you read the papers recently it would appear that we are all to blame, the worthless drains on the economy that we are, (unless you happen to be sat at the top of the shit heap counting your millions - then sorry not you obviously).

Now it's not even that most of these arguments are pointless. Let's face it, if there aren't enough jobs to go around, then why are we trying to force more people into work that doesn't exist. Let the people who can / want / need to work get jobs, then in the mythical future situation where every person who wants a job has got one and there are still jobs to spare then we can talk about it, but let's face it that's not going to be any time soon.

The debates which are taking place in parliament at the moment over who should get what benefits etc. are quite frankly a farce. Yes I know we're in a recession and this all costs money but do we remember that cheap little thing called the NHS that we created with a bit of loose change we found down the back of the sofa in post war recession. Or what about the Thatcher years of the 80's recession when as a student in addition to getting your tuition fees paid, you got a grant not a loan and could sign on during the holidays ?

This is not about whether we can afford these 'luxuries' but simply about keeping us plebs fighting amoungst ourselves so we aren't fighting them.

Historically there have been many protest movements which have been very good at shouting boo hiss at [insert random wrong doing here] but not offering up any viable alternative. Over the past couple of years however groups such as UKUncut and NCAFC amoungst others has not only booed and hissed but they have very clearly pointed the finger at the alternative. We're a bit strapped Mr Cameron ? Well how about rounding up the billions in tax avoidance or dragging the bankers out of the casino and giving them a couple of rules and making them play by them. It would be far more efficient and give better results even if it does make you a little less popular on the golf course with your Eton pals, Come on Dave, take one for the team, in the name of the Big Society and all that.

So let's not play their game. We won't fight over the scraps like you want. Those at the top might have more money but (and I'll try not to go too clichéd 'Power of the People' on you) we have the numbers and if we join together, workers, students, pensioners, disabled, unemployed and everyone else that you're trying to screw over, we can change things for the better.


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