• Heather Paterson

Syria: Iraq the sequel Multi-billion pound blockbuster coming soon

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

In their latest round of war games as the UK and US are doing their latest PR run to justify bombing their way to oil peace in Syria under the guise of some sort of 'human rights' campaign leaks are already emerging questioning the legitimacy of their claims.

Over the coming days, weeks, months and even years the success of the 'intervention' to 'liberate' the Syrians will be counted in bodies. Remember Iraq ? (well I'll assume if you are reading this you haven't been living in a cave (sorry Osama) ), Yes, Saddam Hussein was a dictator who was responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians, so we went in and 'freed' them with over a million casualties . . . clearly Saddam wasn't doing a good enough job, we had to show him what a real massacre looked like . . . and those weapons of mass destruction, well maybe it was a litle over exaggerated, it was never about that anyway, but we got the bad guy in our hollywood movie ending . . . (and oh yes we* made a shit load of money in the process).

*Note: The "we" doesn't include us plebs - don't get excited.

The problem is war is profitable. Not just for the potential oil (notice we don't seem to give a flying fuck about human rights abuses in countries with limited resources) but look at the big players, the defence and security companies, the arms dealers, the stock traders . . . and who have directorships, shares, investments and dodgy back handers from these companies . . . it wouldn't be our cabinet of millionaires by any chance ? Yes that's right - the people who are deciding against the will of the majority of people they supposedly represent, to start bombing another country are the exact people who will personally profit from it.

So yes march, campaign, blockade, dissent in anyway possible and do whatever you can to damage their pr machine that is desparetly trying to justify their wars, but here's my suggestion . . . There has been a lot of debate recently about who should appear on bank notes but I think that they should have some of these images on them [Note: Link contains graphic images of victims of war, please do not open if easily upset; they turned my stomach and I reckon I'm fairly tough skinned] and remind those in power as they spend their millions exactly where the money came from.


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