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  • National Hate Crime Awareness Week

National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2022 Statement of Support

“I am proud to state my support for National Hate Crime Awareness Week which aims to raise the profile of hate crime on the social and political agenda.

As LGBTQ+ individuals and organisations, we are seeing the impact of rising anti-LGBTQ+ and specifically anti-trans hate.

We see daily anti-LGBTQ+ media and political statements which are defended as ‘freedom of speech’ as our rights to freely exist and participate in society are debated. We see words that portray us as lesser, deviant, or a risk.

We see the defense that these are just words that don’t hurt anyone, yet we see the mental health impact of this constant abuse.

We see the rising levels of hate crimes.

We stand by the hospital beds and gravesides seeing the results of attacks legitimised by these words.

We are told that we have equality now, as we walk a different route home, or refuse to hold our partners’ hands for fear of abuse.

We are told that we want ‘special’ treatment, because we want to feel safe.

No one should have to live in fear of attacks just for being who they are.

We want to work to reduce hate crime and to ensure victims are well supported if they do occur.

We support Hate Crime Awareness Week in their work to raise the issue of, and reduce incidents of hate crime and to help keep our communities safe.

Heather Paterson CEO, SAYiT and Co-Chair, Sheffield LGBT+ Multi-Agency Network

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