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Positive coming out stories that will restore your faith in humanity

While not everyone's coming out stories are all sunshine and rainbows, these are extra special.

While not everyone’s coming out stories are all sunshine and rainbows, it’s important to understand how much the world is progressing, and that there are so many accepting people out there.

Read these positive coming out stories and let them comfort you in times of fear. Adam

After 33 years of insisting he would never come out until he had a boyfriend Adam, inadvertently, came out to his family on Coming Out Day last year. “In hindsight, I couldn’t have been ready to get a boyfriend until I’d come out,” he said. “My parents only told me they were ‘relieved and proud,’ which I always knew they would be. The only person who wasn’t proud was me. Since then, my life’s turned around, impressively so considering most of that time has been taken up by a global pandemic.” Adam has since dedicated time to researching deeply into the shame he had been holding on to with various LGBTQ books. This allowed him to sharpen the tools to recognize when that shame is creeping back in, and finally looking forward to life as a gay man. “12 months on, I have also fallen in love with my very first boyfriend, which I know couldn’t have happened little more than a year ago.”