Heather Paterson was born in 1981 in Liverpool, she moved to Sheffield in 1999 to study at Sheffield Hallam University where she was elected as LGB Officer and has worked within the LGBT+ community and more broadly for groups and organisations focused on equality, human rights and social justice ever since.


Post university Heather worked for the Sheffield LGB Youth Initiative and went on to become one of the founder members of Sheffield Pride.


In 2010 Heather joined the board of directors for SilenceBreaker Media, now Libre Digital, a social enterprise supporting disadvantaged groups utilising recycled media.


She is currently a LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Development Worker for SAYiT, writes the LGBT+ column for Exposed Magazine, is LGBT+ Hub Chair for the Sheffield Equality Hub Network,  and DJs and performs as drag alter ego Anna Kissed.


She also sleeps occasionally, but probably not enough.

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