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Life 101, part of the 'Over To You' exhibition @ Bank Street Arts, Sheffield

Life 101 (2010)


"If a manual existed containing all of the instructions we recieve throughout life, we would probably be dead before we finished reading it."



From the moment you get out of bed in the morning there are instructions on the side of your toothpast tube and shampoo bottle, directions of which lane to use on your way to work and a list of instructions from your boss when you get there.


We receive so much instruction, the question exists, how do we decide which instructions to read / listen to / follow. How do we pick the important messages from among the unnecessary ones and what space is left for free will and independent decision making.


In response to Life: A Users Manual, Heather Paterson explores the literal concept of an instruction manual for life, inviting visitors to add to / amend / remove instructions as they choose.


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