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Hate crime: Is Sheffield a safe space city for its LGBT community?

Sheffield LGBT community demands authorities to take more action to prevent hate crime, despite the city presenting itself as LGBT-friendly.

With LGBT History Month underway, Sheffield’s LGBT community are celebrating through daily events, showcasing the city’s diverse and progressive outlook.

With an annual Pride event and the recent opening of a gay quarter on The Moor, Sheffield presents itself as an LGBT-friendly city.

However, amidst the celebrations, the city’s LGBT community feel that South Yorkshire Police aren’t doing enough to tackle LGBT related hate crime.

Liz Wilson, 58, is a charity manager at SayIt, an LGBT charity based in Sheffield. They work with the city’s LGBT youth, offering social support to reduce isolation and support self-acceptance, as well as offering services for those afflicted by STIs.

Ms Wilson said: “In general, Sheffield is a friendly and welcoming city, but work still needs to create safe LGBT+ spaces and to challenge discrimination and inequality.

“Hate preachers and others sometimes disrupt LGBT+ ev