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Mayor of South Yorkshire to open LGBTQ+ charity’s new building

Oliver Coppard, the South Yorkshire Mayor will officially open the new building of the charity SAYiT on Division Street in Sheffield on Friday.

SAYiT is a an emotional wellbeing support charity for the LGBTQ+ community in Sheffield.

Heather Paterson, CEO, said: “We needed a new larger space as the demand for the services has grown considerably.

“The charity has been operating for 24 years, but in the current climate “the need for young people’s mental health services has increased in this community”.

Ms Paterson continued: “Although we did the move over Halloween weekend in October, we are now finally ready to show our space to the public and it is an opportunity to see what we have on offer.”

Established in 1999, the charity provides individualised assistance including a wide range of services related to sexual, emotional, mental health, and overall well-being for LGBTQ+ youth.

Ms Paterson said that due to the recent events with the tragedy of Brianna Ghey, there will be ways for people to volunteer and support the trans community both in Sheffield and further afield.

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