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National Diversity Awards: 2021 Shortlist - Heather Paterson

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

SHORTLISTED NOMINEE: POSITIVE ROLE MODEL AWARD FOR LGBT – Heather Paterson has worked with LGBT+ groups and campaigns in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and beyond for over twenty years. From her election as Sheffield Hallam Students Unions LGB officer back in 2000 to her current role as CEO of Sheffield LGBT+ Youth Charity, SAYiT, Heather has actively worked to ensure that marginalised members of our communities are represented. Heather co-founded Sheffield’s first pride event back in 2007 and chaired the LGBT+ Hub of Sheffield’s Equality Hub Network for the last 4 years. She also writes the LGBT+ Column for Exposed Magazine and more recently has been involved in the Call It Out project where she was involved in the training of over 80 organisations on LGBT+ Awareness and Domestic Abuse and the Sheffield Against Hate Group leading on the campaign against hate speech in the city.

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