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Students join communities across Sheffield to celebrate LGBT+ History Month

A record number of events to celebrate the 14th year of LGBT+ History month are taking place across Sheffield.

LGBT+ History month hopes to promote equality and diversity to the public as well as highlight the struggles faced in the past by members of the community and celebrate their achievements.

Both the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam are also hosting a range of events which are open to the public including quizzes, panel discussions and sexual health testing services.

Andy Tyler, Vice Chair of the Sheffield LGBT+ Committee, said: “The community in Sheffield has got so many awesome groups that are doing fantastic things this month. Our biggest event so far has been the opening ceremony fair which saw collaboration with over 20 different groups and societies, which was fantastic, really raised the awareness. We’ve got a 32 square foot flag hanging up in the union and loads of different minority groups within the LGBT+ community have flags hanging up around the Union too. It’s been great to see so much support from the Union.”

Walkley Community Centre are hosting Britain on Film: LGBT Britain, an event showing films spanning from 1909 to 1994, documenting a century in which homosexuality went from criminal to Pride, and examining the courageous work of activists during these years.

Heather Paterson, LGBT+ Hub Representative for Equality Hub Network Sheffield, said: “The events highlight the advances we have made in legislation from the decriminalization of homosexuality.

“For older members of the community, many of these actions are in living memory, while for younger people they may not realise how recent they are. It often shocks people I speak to that you could still legally fire someone from their job for being gay in the UK until 1 December 2003 (in fact this is something that happened to me in Sheffield in 2000!)”

Showroom Cinema are showing a range of films and hosting two parties, in conjunction with Proud, across the month to raise awareness of matters concerning the LGBT+ community.

Meanwhile Film Unit will be screening the Oscar nominated Call Me By Your Name.

Millennium Gallery is screening Pride on 25 February, followed by Q&A with Welsh Miner and activist Dai Donovan and former Sheffield City councillor Sioned-Mair Richards.

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