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Freelance community worker utilising creative techniques to support good causes, working primarily with LGBTQ+, equality and human rights groups and organisations. ​

i am a firm believer in diy ethics

​​If I want something doing - I do it. When I wanted a website, I taught myself to make one. When I see injustice, I actively challenge it. When I wanted to sort my garden out I got my spade out and started digging. ​I try to apply this to as many areas of my life as possible from learning to knit to cutting my own hair (often with disastrous consequence!).​


It means I have learned skills, worked with some amazing people and have lots of interesting stories to tell from attending circus school to organising Sheffield's first LGBTQ+ Pride event.​

what does this mean to you?

​I believe in skill sharing and sustainability. If I create a website for you, I will teach you how to update and maintain it. If I run a workshop or event, I will leave you with the information / resources to run it again.​


Take a look around the site to see some of the things I have done and if you have a project you think I may be interested in getting involved in get in touch.


"It's community legends like u who keep Sheffield going ❤️ Those with a clue know how bloody hard it is to do even a fraction of what you do + you keep on doing it, thru good times + bad. You're a credit to the city, the region + your fabulous self!!"

- Thomas Reaney - Chair, E.D.E.N Film Productions