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Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill Statement

In December 2022, the Scottish Government passed its Gender Recognition Reform (GRR) with overwhelming cross-party support from Members of the Scottish Parliament after many years of consultation, review and discussion.

The UK Government is now considering challenging the Scottish Government’s mandate to implement this bill by ending reciprocal recognition of Gender Recognition Certificates (GRCs) from all countries that support trans people changing their legal gender using a self-determination mode - including Canada, Australia and New Zealand - after the UK has accepted them for years.

Seeking to end this system is an extraordinary move that is not based on any evidence or experience.

It sends a clear message that the UK Government does not feel trans people are worthy of respect in our society; instead, they are a threat to contain.

These moves also directly oppose the inclusive values that characterise modern Britain and will actively harm the UK’s international reputation as an open, diverse and dynamic society - an important reason why global corporations who proudly support LGBTQ+ rights are attracted to doing business in the UK.

We implore the Prime Minister to stop this unnecessary and damaging action immediately and instead recognise the significant positive contribution of trans people across the UK.

Statement Signatories

Paul Roberts OBE Chief Executive of Consortium

Pip Gardner Chief Executive of The Kite Trust

Ian Howley Chief Executive of LGBT HERO

Osman Mohammed Outreach Volunteer at Hidayah LGBT

Tina Carnally Director of Forward CIC

Berkeley Wilde Chief Executive of The Diversity Trust CIC

Daniel Hibbs-Woodings Committee Member of First Brick Housing

Dr Siddhi Joshi Chair person of British Asian LGBTI

Nichola Queen Director of Trans Safety Network CIC

Tyler Chitty Chairman of Herne bay LGBTQ+ society

Vicki Mulligan Chair of the Board of Trustees for Sparkle - The National Transgender Charity

John McKernaghan Chief Officer of The Brunswick Centre

Lisa Charlwood-Green Director of The WOW Network

Aubrey Crawley Founder of West London Queer Project

Susan Hart Secretary of Scottish Borders LGBT Equality

Nigel Whitfield Director of Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub

Marcus Morgan Chair of The Bisexual Index Lauren Bowen Director of Pure Professional Fundraising Ltd

Leith Ramage Chairman of The TIN Wardrobe

Ellis Beardsmore Director of Pride Outside CIC

Andy Hunt CEO of Intercom Trust

Katie Vicent CEO of Allsorts Youth Project

Christos Bitzis-Politis Club Secretary & Welfare Officer of London Frontrunners

Stewart O'Callaghan CEO of Live Through This

Cat Hurst-McGahey Chair of LGBT+ Northern Social Group

Richard Euston Head of Charity of Chester Pride

Lukasz Konieczka Executive Director of Mosaic LGBT+ Young Persons' Trust

Karen Skipper CEO of Spectra

Oscar Hoyle Company Director of Blossom LGBT CIC

Lisa Harvey-Nebil CEO of The Proud Trust

Richard Stevens Chair of Pride in Gloucestershire

Sarah Furley Chair of Trustees at FFLAG

Jordan Daly Director of Time for Inclusive Education

Jacob Bayliss Chief Executive Officer of Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard

Lizzie Jordan CEO of Think2Speak

Shea Coffey Co-founder of Medway Pride Radio

Sue Jones Head of Operations at Ditch The Label

Ste Dunn Director of Northern Pride Events Ltd

Carl Austin-Behan OBE Lead of Greater Manchester Pride Network

Avi Kay Chair of Bi Pride UK

Daniel Huw Bowen Director of Paned o Gê

Ian Pearson-Brown Treasurer of United with Pride

Helen Belcher OBE Managing Director of TransActual

Jen Yockney MBE Editor of Bi Community News

Miss saHHara Iris President / Executive Producer of Miss Trans Global Ashley Spiers Director of LGBT Bedfordshire

Harvey Kennedy-Pitt Chief Executive Officer of Black Beetle Health

Jenny-Anne Bishop OBE Chairperson of Unique Transgender Network / TransForum Manchester

Stephen Bowyer Chairperson of Stockport Pride

Tim Whitehead Artistic Director of Happy Valley Pride

Tor Docherty Chief Executive of New Family Social

Keira Evans Volunteer for Trans Aid Cymru

Teresa Sharpe CEO of elop

Josephine Shaw Co-founder of Trans Legal Project

Paul Murray Secretary of Fife Pride

Kevin Wright Festival Director Pride Bolton

Rev David Austin Chair of Oldham Pride

Rachel Reese & Emma Cusdin Global Butterflies

Lisa Cordery-Bruce Trustee of Pride Cymru

Jack Earley-Fagg Chair of TransBareAll

Adam Tipping Chairperson of Wolds Pride

Revd Jide Macaulay Founder of House Of Rainbow CIC

Matthew Lloyd National Co-Chair of LGBT+ Labour

Stephanie Fuller CEO of Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline

Scott Williams Chair of Wigan Pride

Kirsty Lewiis Director of Trans-Staffordshire

Peter Angwyn Evans Senior Pastor at Metropolitan Community Church of North London

Tim Fellows CEO of Enfield LGBT Network

Sarah Moore Director at London LGBTQ+ Community Centre

Kai L Millar Reverend of Northern Lights Metropolitan Community Church

Bobbi Pickard CEO of Trans in the City

Mark Kelvin Chief Executive Officer of LGBT Health and Wellbeing

Helen R Walsh CEO of Space Youth Project

Jack A Chapman Chair of Navigate Brighton

Nancy Kelley Chief Executive of Stonewall

Santi Sorrenti Director of G(end)er Swap CIC

Adalberto Lonardi Chief Creative Director of Katherine Low Settlement

Ellen Hill Operations Manager of Yorkshire MESMAC

Sarah Maslen Founder and CEO of Undivided Consultancy

Rebecca Davies Founder of Branding By Becca

Stuart Duffy Founder of Pink Saltire

Steph Keeble Director of Birmingham LGBT

John Scott Director of Skoosh Media Scotland

Sage M Stephanou Managing Director of Radical Therapist Network CIC

Christopher Howard Lead for Intertech LGBT+ Diversity Forum

Christopher Joell-Deshields Chief Executive for Pride in London

Miss Kathryn Downs Chair person of Chase Pride CIO

Natalie Bowen Vice Chair person of RCT Pride

Anna Kear CEO of Tonic Housing

Katy Harrad Team Member of London BiFest

Louise Beardsmore Director of Pride Outside CIC

Fergal McCullough Director of The Manchester Men's Room

Spencer Blackwell Chair of Trans Pride South West

Capt Catherine S Burton FRAeS Chair of GIRES

Dr Alexander Rhys Chair of It Gets Better UK

Michael Steven Finance Director of Trans Pride NI

Bryony Beynon Co-Founder of Good Night Out Campaign CIC

Lucie Brooke Director of Free2B Alliance

Matt Taylor-Roberts Managing Director of Proud 2 b parents

Steve Williamson Chief Executive Officer of Cara-Friend

Avril Clark Owner of Distinction Partner Support

Nicki Lambert Business Manager of Trans In The City Ltd

Chris Porter Wellbeing Team Lead (LGBTQ+) of YPAS- GYRO- LGBTQ+ Youth Liverpool

David Wheeler Group Co-ordinator of Families Together London - Transgender (FTL-T)

Wendy Checksfield Area Manager of Porchlight BeYou Project

Dr Paul Martin OBE Chief Executive of LGBT Foundation

Rory Finn Co-founder of Trans Can Sport

Lauren Stoner Interim CEO of Mermaids

Giulia Tanasi Chair of Queer Wandsworth

Zelly Lisanework Co-Founder and Co-Director of House of Guramayle CIC

Georgia Day LGBTQ+ Community Link Worker for The Gathering Cardiff

Alec Scott Rook Founder of TMSA-UK (Trans Masculine Support & Advice UK)

Vic Tanner Davy MBE CEO of Liberate Jersey

Paul Kemp Director of Brighton and Hove Pride

Naomi Bennett CEO of Lesflicks Ltd

Iain Smith Secretary / Trustee of The Hive LGBT+ Centre

Dave Moreton Community Advocate for LGBT+ Open House, Oasis Church Waterloo London

Matthew Higgins Trustee of Walsall Pride

Monty Moncrieff Chief Executive of London Friend

Ian Pearson-Brown Co-chair of Pride in Tennis

Daniele Lul Community Engagement Director of ParaPride

Nick Lewis Director of Umbrella Cymru

John O'Doherty Director of The Rainbow Project

Michael Gettins Chair of Arran Pride

Reece Holmes Project and Devt Lead Salford Pride

Martha Dunkley Director CliniQ CIC

Chris Fox Joint Chair of Pride on the Range

Tonii Bell Managing Director of Arcus LGBT CIC

Dr Alfredo Carpineti PhD Chair of Pride in STEM

Chris Everall Treasurer and Trustee of Exmouth Pride

Dylan Lewis-Creser Co-Chair of LGBTIQA+ Greens

Evie Brooks National Co-Chair of LGBT+ Labour

Erin Lux Co-Convenor of Out for Independence, the LGBTQ affiliate of the SNP

Daniel Browne Chair of Trustees, Warwickshire Pride

Reverend Michael Hydes Senior Pastor at The Village Metropolitan Community Church

Anya McKenna CEO of Cheltenham Pride

Tyler Hatwell Executive Director & Founder of Traveller Pride

Dr Lady Stephanie Holmes PhD MBCS Chief Executive Officer of Chrysalis Transsexual Support

Zoe Grant Youth Manager at Breakout Youth

Steven McIntyre Chief Executive Officer of Stonewall Housing

Tim Spoor MBE Chief Executive of AKT

Mark Fletcher CEO of Manchester Pride

Louie Stafford Founder & Managing Director of Learnest CIC

Cole Banton Host of T Time Podcast

Danielle St James Chief Executive of Not A Phase

Berny Simcox CEO of The Wild Mind Project

Davinia-Louise Green Director of Stonewall Cymru

Tom Doyle CEO of Yorkshire MESMAC

Mark Nichols Director of Pride World Media

Will Watters Founder of Connexons LGBT Fife

Colin Macfarlane Director Nations of Stonewall

Ignacio Labayen de Inza CEO of CONTROLLING CHEMSEX

Emily Metcalfe Chair of LGBT+ Lit Fest

Matt Wester Community Support Worker of Rainbow Heartlands LGBT+

Sarah Savage Chief Executive of Trans Pride Brighton

Ray Carter LGBT Partnership Stakeholder Engagement Officer of LGBT Partnership

Zoe Richards Chair of Queerfest

Lewis Turner Chief Executive of Lancashire LGBT

Ian Walllace Business Director of Gaydio

Quinn Collins Chair of Prism LGBTQ+ Coventry

Deejay Bullock CEO of Four Pillars

Matthew Kenworthy Gomes Chief Executive of Cornwall Pride CIO

Jayne Ozanne Director of Ozanne Foundation

Niranjan Kamatkar Chief Executive and Artistic Director of Wise Thoughts

Sebastian Rocca Founder and CEO of Micro Rainbow

Tashnuva Anan Executive Director of Inclusive Bangladesh

Amy Roch Deputy CEO of Galop

Lucy & Avril Clark Founders of Trans Radio UK Group

Cara English Head of Public Engagement at Gendered Intelligence

Tyler White Chairman of Dursley Pride

Anna-Maria Tesfaye CEO of Queer Svit

Andi Herring CEO of LCR Pride Foundation

Stiofan O’Ceallaigh Director of Balaclava.Q

Ben Vincent Research Co-ordinator of Trans Learning Partnership

Rebecca Joseph Hazell Director of Rebecca Hazell

Chris Jepson Artist of Chris Jepson Photography

Biff Nesbitt Participation Youth Worker, LGBTQIA+ for Youth Empowerment Service, Newham

James Braun Founder and Chair of Unicorns LGBTQIA+ Netball Club

Amy Roberts Chairperson of Friends of the Joiners Arms

Ian Pearson-Brown Founder of Geordie Grand Slammers

Max and Maya Price Founders of Proud2Be CIC

Jake Short Incoming Chair of Sutton LGBTQ Forum

Chiara Razzi Di Nunzio Organisation Representative for YAG - Young Adult Group

William Cox Operations Manager of Generate

Andrew Evans CEO of METRO Charity

Aderonke Apata Founder & CEO of African Rainbow Family

Naomi Bennett CEO of Sapphic Services

Kieran Bohan Coordinator of Open Table Network

Debbie Brixey Chair of Oxford Pride

Richard Williams CEO of Swansea YMCA

Dr J Gosling Co Chair of Regard

Gavin Brown Chief Executive of Trade Sexual Health

Iain Anderson Chair of Stonewall

Ricki Hewitt Head of People Salford Pride

George Nicholls CEO of Inkluder CIC

Leila Zadeh Executive Director of Rainbow Migration

David Catterall DL Co Chair of Bury LGBTQI+ Forum and Bury Pride

Bryan Beresford Community & Inclusion Manager for Your Trust

Charlotte P Committee Chair of Tameside Pride

Carol Robinson Director of Sh-OUT Northeast

Kate Howarth Project Manager for Humankind LGBT+ North East

Lily Soaper National Secretary of LGBT+ Labour

Rev Dwayne Morgan Pastor and Chair of Inclusive Community Church

Jamie Wareham Founder of QueerAF

Ocean Riley Chairperson of Bromsgrove Pride

Heather Paterson Chief Executive Officer of SAYiT (Sheena Amos Youth Trust)

Lucia Thompson Freedom Team Manager at Freedom, Off The Record

Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches

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