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Noah Lomax: LGBT+ charity helps teens through pandemic

Updated: May 24, 2021

A hardship fund set up in memory of a 15-year-old who took his own life has been helping LGBT+ teenagers through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Noah Lomax, a gay and autistic teenager from Crookes, Sheffield, died in 2018 and his parents founded his legacy fund at charity SAYiT soon afterwards.

The money pays for counselling services and a financial hardship fund.

The charity said it has had more requests for help as many teens are without their usual support networks.

Heather Paterson, from the charity, said: "The young people we work with may not be out at home, or they may not feel that they are understood.

"The support they get around that from their peer group, from youth groups like us, or from college perhaps, isn't available to them at the moment."

Noah's mother, Claire McGettigan, said her son was a proud member of the LGBT+ community and was also autistic, with mental health issues.

"He came out to us when he was about 12 or 13. It's never been an issue, why would it be?" she said.

"He was gay and he wouldn't let anybody not have the right to be heard. He would do absolutely anything to fight someone's corner.

"I think SAYiT has adjusted how they use the money. It is now being used for more emergency reasons, things like internet access or mobile phones for people," she added.

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